The Lodge of Science and Art which meets at the Masonic Hall in Ashby Square, Loughborough, was consecrated on 20th April 1972. A number of Masons connected with Loughborough University and Loughborough Colleges had decided that they wished to form a new Lodge; and this aspiration had been supported by other Masons living and working locally. Though the name of the Lodge clearly reflects its links within the campus, from its inception it was firmly established that it should be a ‘town’ as well as a ‘gown’ Lodge. Indeed, approximately half of the Founder members came from the ‘town’. The name of the Lodge seems to be amply justified and members like to feel that the Founders’ hopes for the establishment of a harmonious Lodge have been well met. 

The Lodge crest portrays the significance of science and art and Freemasonry. The serpent of wisdom surrounds the chisel, which is used, together with the maul, to create regularly shaped matter from rough material, an analogy to the work of education. The serpent represents the resulting wisdom, whilst the book and wheel illustrate the theory and practice of science and technology. The motto of the Lodge is shown at the bottom: Homo Natus, Doctus Artifex, Latomus Acceptus, Born a Man, Taught a Skill, Made a Mason.

Since its consecration the Lodge has continued to thrive and currently has almost 40 active members. After almost 45 years on the Lodge retains one of its Founding members who remains very active within the Lodge. In late 2010 the Lodge began the process of applying for membership of the Universities Lodge Scheme. The Lodge’s October 2010 meeting was attended by the Assistant Grand Master, R.W.Bro. D.K.Williamson, a great honour and the most senior Masonic visitor to a Loughborough Lodge on record.

The Lodge continues to grow and thrive and during 2011 took on its first undergraduate member as part of the Universities Scheme whilst celebrating 50 years of Freemasonry for two of its senior members. 

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